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The Reverend William Bass

Reverend Father William Bass was born in North Carolina, the youngest of two siblings. Ever since Father Bass was 13 years old, he felt God's call for him to join the priesthood. In his early 20's Fr. Bass left the Baptist Church and converted to Roman Catholicism. After being received into the Roman Catholic Church, Fr. Bass expressed his desire to become a priest, he then began serving on the altar as a sacristan. Eventually Fr. Bass became the head sacristan at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church and served on the altar for 5 years. Later Fr. Bass joined with the Monks of Adoration in Sarasota Florida. During his time with the Monks of Adoration, Fr. Bass felt God calling him to the Anglican tradition within his holy Church. Fr. Bass eventually left the Roman Church and joined the Independent Anglican movement. Fr Bass is currently working on developing a mission in the state of North Carolina.

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