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M. Caleb Hayes

Caleb was born in Bradford, TN in October of 1996 to Jeff and Neshia Hayes. He grew up in the Bradford, Milan and Trenton areas. Caleb was born into the Jesus Name Apostolic movement and then began preaching at the age of 17 within the Baptist movement after his family left the Pentecostal movement. Soon after, not feeling “right” about his faith and the realness of the movement, he deconstructed himself and “divorced” himself from religion altogether. In November 2022, Caleb was connected with Rev. J.L. Gates through Facebook and his work in funeral service. The two had an instant connection and began dating shortly after. During this time, Caleb found what he was looking for in religion with the Anglican way of life and reconnected his faith with God. Since then, Caleb has been a student in our seminary training to become a Lay Reader and pursing the Diaconate Studies to be ordained a Deacon. Caleb also plays piano, organ, “bootlegs” guitar and drums. Currently, Caleb lives in Tennessee with his partner, Justin, their fur babies that include a  dog Daisy and cats Bougie, Daisy, Matilda, Socks and Fiskars.

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