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The Free Anglican Mission Society (FAMS) is a progressive community in the Anglican Tradition.  Take a look at what we are doing!


February 2022

St. Anselm of Canterbury announced Patron of the Free Anglican Mission Society by The Right Revered Lark J. Muncy

Anselm, Archbishop of Canterbury from 1093 – 1109, is important for the evidence he represents that the hostility of some Christians to homoerotic relationships has not always been typical of the institutional church. He has two claims in particular to attention from modern gay and lesbian Catholics. First, he is one of a band of notable medieval clerics who although personally celibate, exhibited a clear homoerotic sensibility, whose affectionate letters to his band of intimate male friends contribute to what John Boswell has described as a “medieval flowering” of a gay subculture, which was not again equalled until the latter part of the twentieth century.    He reminds us also, that just as there was then a homoerotic culture  deeply embedded in the catholic clergy, exactly the same applies today.


February 2022

The Reverend Thomas Tsakounis appointed Vicar of Saint Francis Anglican Church, Silver Spring, MD

The Right Reverend Lark J. Muncy, ordained The Reverend Thomas Tsakounis on Saturday, January 29, 2022 in Baltimore MD. This was the first ordination for the newly consecrated Bishop.  The Bishop has stated his goal to focus his attention on building The Free Anglican Mission Society Community in the US.

You can watch the video of the ordination by click here.

Interested in learning more about our clergy or exploring life as a clergy, visit our vocations page by clicking here.


February 2022

The Reverend William Bass joins The Free Anglican Mission Society

We Welcome our brother, The Reverend William Bass to The Free Anglican Mission Society. Fr Bass will be operating out of North Carolina.


If you would like to learn more about Fr. Bass, please read his bio page by click here.

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